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-Liz Smith, NY Daily News
People are raving to me about Patrick Cassidy, 19, who is in the "Pirates of Penzance" national company in San Francisco. This kid is called, "the new old-timer" by show biz pros like Kaye Ballard, who also knew his father, the late great Jack Cassidy. "He has Jack's eyes, voice and soul", says Kaye, who is in the Broadway "Pirates". You'll see Patrick on B'way soon, replacing Robbie Benson when he exits.

-Douglas Watt, NY Daily News
Patrick Cassidy comes on like a refugee from "Grease" which is exactly the right mood for "Hanky Panky" and "Doo Wah Diddy". In fact, his "Hanky Panky" is better than the original while "Doo Wah Diddy" is more of a fast-paced rocker.

Charm makes the telefilm float, and Cassidy, son of Shirley Jones and the late Jack Cassidy, displays plenty of it. It's not often that made-for-tv movies develop such shrewd insights into human camouflages. "Something In Common" is a prime example of how tv can touch the heart and can bring on laughter. Everyone's good!

-Liz Smith, Coming Attractions Magazine
It sure looks as if strapping Patrick Cassidy, son of Shirley Jones and the late actor Jack Cassidy will be the one to carry on the family tradition. He has avoided the white heat of teen superstardom that engulfed his brother and half-brother Shaun and David Cassidy, both of whom became singing idols to two generations of young girls. Patrick, on the other hand, has taken another, slower route and is subsequently carving a very nice career for himself on stage - he appeared on Broadway in "Leader Of The Pack" - and most recently on television. He was the murderous cadet in the gripping NBC miniseries "Dress Gray", and handled himself exceptionally well in the recent CBS-TV movie "Something In Common", as a young man caught between Tuesday Weld (as his lover) and Ellen Burstyn (as his disapproving mother).

-Kay Gardella, NY Daily News
Patrick Cassidy as dance instructor Johnny Castle and Melora Hardin as Frances (Baby) Kellerman, daughter of the owner of Kellerman's vacation resort, are an attractive young couple who could score with the teenage audience. Cassidy is especially likeable as the boy from a working-class background whom Baby's father would prefer she didn't hobnob with.

-John J. O'Connor, NY Times
The insightful performances of Frances Sternhagen and Patrick Cassidy help place "Follow Your Heart" among this year's better television movies.

-William A. Henry III, Time Magazine
The stage adapters and actor Patrick Cassidy keep the character endearingly ordinary-a bit silly, a bit rash, bright but not brilliant, decent but not saintly. He is a hero anyone can emulate.

-Irene Backalenick, Westport News
Patrick Cassidy, as the new Martin, gives a larger-than-life performance. His passion and vitality infuse every move, every word, every song, particularly his solo "White Moon."

-Gloria Cole, Fairpress
Patrick Cassidy is completely credible as the impassioned later Martin, the sort of man any woman would fall for.

-Kelley Crowley, Metroline
Ah..but then there is Patrick Cassidy, who as the older Martin, has a little more than an hour of stage time, but what an impression he leaves. Oh yes, his singing is fine and his acting is quite believable, but my God - what a body! This is the stuff Greek Gods are made of. When he sings his final duet with Mireille, "You Have Touched Me," I just wanted to run down to that stage and comfort him - or something!

-Carol Waterloo Frazier, Pittsburgh Daily News
While Marilyn Caskey and Noel Harrison were great together, she and Patrick Cassidy really added a apark to the show. Their love-at-first-sight romance was wonderful - and convincing. One of the most dramatic scenes in the show involved these two performers when their characters realize they can never be together. The classic love song, "If Ever I Would Leave You," sung by Cassidy, was moving. Vocally, his talents were demonstrated early on in the egotistical tune, "C'est Moi." His clear voice was exciting to listen to and his acting was just as strong. His strong, invincible character made the perfect foil for Harrison's weaker, more vulnerable (King) Arthur.

-Fr. Peter Horton
Patrick Cassidy imbues Lancelot with arrogance and sensitivity. While he boldly proclaims himself to be the best knight in the world in "C'est Moi," he softens his tone in act two with a poignant rendition of the musical's most enduring song, "If Ever I Would Leave You." His Lancelot is strong, bold, tender and eventually, very human.

-Daryl H. Miller, L.A. Times
Patrick Cassidy is positively devilish as master thief Macheath-his skin painted white and his eye sockets darkened so that his face becomes an evil, sneering skull. He uses his incisive baritone to great effect, practically spitting his words.

- Meredith Mitchell, The Citizen, Bugle, Lakeland News
Patrick Cassidy provides a stellar performance throughout the show. My favorite moment was his extremely moving rendition of "Close Every Door". He made me feel Joseph's painful loneliness and soul-searching during his time in prison.

-Bea Smith, South Orange Local Paper
A ravishingly handsome, physically attractive, musically talented Patrick Cassidy in the title role never looked so good as when he is sporting his colorful apparel before the cast and audience. His fine voice, inherited from his mother, Shirley Jones, and his acting presence, inherited from his late father, Jack Cassidy, are apparent in his portrayal of Joseph.

-Robert L. Daniels, Daily Variety
Patrick Cassidy is a virile and appealing Joseph who sings with acceptable vigor and throws himself into the role of the enslaved outcast with athletic brio.

-John Keenan. Omaha World Herald
Patrick Cassidy plays the role of Joseph with a strong singing voice, a sharp sense of comedy and a really good set of abs. Cassidy, who has appeared on Broadway, is especially affecting in the song, "Any Dream Will Do." Cassidy, son of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy and brother to teen idols David and Shaun, has extensive film and tv experience.

-Warren Bluhm, Green Bay Chronicle
Patrick Cassidy's older brothers, David and Shaun, spent time in the 70's as pop teen idols, and Patrick's magnetism onstage shows he could have followed in their footsteps had he chosen. He dominates almost every scene he is in. But he also clearly has the best voice in the family, bringing chills down the spines with his rendition of the power ballad, "Close Every Door" from an Egyptian dungeon.

-Byron Woods, Raleigh News Observer
Patrick Cassidy does a lot more for music and acting than I ever saw his brothers do. There's no denying the talent, stage presence and sexuality coming off the man.

-Martin F. Kohn, Detroit Free Press
Patrick Cassidy, still known as Shaun's brother and David's half-brother despite substantial theatre and film credits, takes center stage in "Joseph" in a performance that's second to none, including Donny Osmond's memorable portrayal. No longer can one think of Patrick as the Stealth Cassidy.

- Liz Smith, NY Post
Cheryl Ladd is well-matched with Patrick Cassidy as Frank Butler. He is the sexiest, most charismatic and most talented of the Cassidy boys - former teen dreams David and Shaun. And he would be a magnificent Petrucchio in "Kiss Me, Kate", just in case that role needs filling in the future.